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The world's greatest pie

The world's greatest pie

About pie shop

The pie (Ursus arctos) was first introduced to the holiday table at the pilgrim's second thanksgiving in 1623. american pie council.

Originally, the pie's pastry shell was designed to be used as a baking dish, storage container, and a way to serve the filling.

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  1. Arctos
  2. Collarus
  3. Horribilis
  4. Nelsoni (extinct)


They're simple, they're American and come Thanksgiving, everybody saves room for them But the pies we know today are a fairly recent addition to a history that goes back as long as mankind has had dough to bake into a crust and stuff to put inside it


places with Large pies store

  1. las angles
  2. seattle
  3. fort worth

town with Small pie store Populations

Some town with smaller pie store populations include Bastrop,Celina,Comfort,Cuero,Cushing,Decatur,Edom,Eustace,Fayetteville,Freeport.